Concert Dates


02.06.2018 - Zubin Kanga, Klang Festival, Copenhagen


26.04.2018 - Zubin Kanga, Podium Festival, Esslingen
08.05.2018 - Zubin Kanga, City University, London


26.04.2018 - Zubin Kanga - score

Press Coverage (10.04.2018): Komponieren nach dem Wiki-Prinzip
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WDR 5 Scala (13.04.2018): Komponieren in der Online-Community
Stuttgarter Nachrichten (16.04.2018): Ein Stück, viele Komponisten
Radio Eins (24.04.2018): Wiki Piano Net
Frankfurter Allgemeine Wochenzeitung (13.05.2018): Komponieren im Kollektiv

Program Notes

“Wiki-Piano.Net” is piece for piano and the internet community. It is composed by everyone. At every time. The composition is notated as an editable Wiki internet page and is subject to constant change and fluctuation. When visiting the website everybody can see the current state of the piece and make alterations. The website allows the visitor to place media content, comments, audio and picture in the piece as well as traditional score editing.
The concert performances of the piece take the current state of the website as the score. Hence no performance will ever be the same. Through the editing process of the community new versions of the piece will constantly evolve.

Infos for Performers

In order to perform the piece you use the webpage as the score and perform the current (or almost current) version of the score. For this you use the performance mode of the website: This mode displays the score in a more readable fashion. You can use a foot pedal to jump from section to section so that no interaction with the laptop is necessary. A second browser window is synchronized with the web score and displays all media content (like embedded video etc.). This second window is displayed on the projector and can be accessed through So all performance materials of the piece are part of the website and accessible by everybody. A detailed tech rider for the piece can be found here.

The performer interprets the score in the concert situation. That means: Everything that is on the score at that time will be played, shown, read and performed. No parts are left out and no parts are added. Only the user-generated content will be presented in the concert. But the performer is invited to interpret the passages. This means, that the timing can be chosen by the player, as well as the way in which the text is presented. The player is also free to underline non-musical passages with piano / sound. The sole role should be that the content of the online community is presented well in a concert form. Hence musical interpretation is encouraged, but should support the existing score and not change it.


Concept, Composition © Alexander Schubert
commissioned by Zubin Kanga
WIKI.PIANO.NET is part of the fellowship program #bebeethoven, a project by PODIUM Esslingen for the Beethoven anniversary 2020, supported by the Federal Cultural Foundation.
UI + UX: Christoph Lohse / Büro für Exakte Ästhetik
Webdevelopment: Dominic Osterried


In the archive section of the site, which can be found at, all previous states of the website can be recalled. The visitor can watch the score for any given date since it went online. Like this every change and edit can be shown and the development of the site in total and every individual element can be retraced.


The statistical data is anonymous, not personal and includes no identity information at all.