“Wiki Piano Net” is an interactive community-based piano piece developed by Alexander Schubert. The complete webpage of is the score to the piece. It consists of several sections. Some elements are fixed, like for example this introductory text. Some other elements are editable like for example the next sentence:

The pianist performing this piece reads and plays everything that can be found on the internet page, from top to bottom. All elements are either to be spoken or to be performed by the player. The only exception are small comments explaining some editing choices in detail (displayed in orange).

The visitor of the internet page is able to influence and change the score of the piece - continuously. This can happen at all times. When the pianist schedules a performance the piece she/he will open this website and perform the piece according to the content at that given moment. Hence each performance of the piece will reflect the current state of the piece. Here’s the first section:

This first chapter explains the basic concept of the piece. You - the visitor of the website - is invited to edit and change the piece however you like. There are no wrong choices. Every change you make will be performed by the performer the next time the piece is played. So everything you do here has an impact on the upcoming concerts. You can change texts, move around notes, include images and videos and sounds. The question mark shows you some helpful comment for each module. The on/off switch lets you enable or disable a module. And the small arrows on the side allow you to change the order of the modules by moving a given module one position up or down.